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"We feel this deep sense of responsibility to take care of the river and to be the gatekeepers to it for the time that we have it. And I think that's why we've worked so hard and so diligently."

Steve Roy, Board Member

"My driving principle, my driving philosophy, the drive that I have to sustain this river really boils down to my granddaughters. I feel like they should see the same quantity of water and the same quality of water that their great-grandparents saw."

John Moody, Board Member

“Becoming a member of BRFO has caused me to educate myself on the intricacies of water in Oklahoma and the interface between groundwater and surface water, which is what we deal with here. And so I have come to understand that I have a responsibility to gain more knowledge and understanding of how those two work together.”

Bobbie Coffman, Board Member

Our History

In the spring of 2018, a group of concerned landowners along the Blue River banded together to call attention to the impacts of a proposed industry project that would forever alter the natural balance of this free-flowing, spring-fed, and undammed jewel in southern Oklahoma.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure a sustainable Blue River Watershed and the Arbuckle-Simpson Aquifer interface from which it emanates, for the use and enjoyment of all generations.

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