Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure a sustainable Blue River Watershed and the Arbuckle-Simpson Aquifer interface from which it emanates, for the use and enjoyment of all generations.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to engage like-minded regional stakeholders, researchers, and concerned citizens in a science-based approach to education, stewardship, partnerships, and advocacy.

Our Vision

  1. Pristine water quality and quantity in the Blue River and Arbuckle-Simpson Aquifer;
  2. Science-based, codified management of this unique Oklahoma treasure, thereby preserving its inherent value despite future changes to land use, population densities, and societal ideologies.

What We Do

We work to sustain the Blue River—the lifeblood of South Central Oklahoma—through our organization’s three pillars: science, education, and action.


We are an agile, forward-thinking foundation that provides a nexus of understanding for policy makers, scientists, diverse industries, and deep-rooted cultures. 


We aim to educate lawmakers, landowners, tourists, and others about the cultural, ecological, and economical importance of the entire Blue River watershed to South Central Oklahoma.


We apply generational knowledge of the watershed to facilitate policy change, needed research, and public education to promote the sustainability of the Blue River watershed for all stakeholders.

Our History

In the spring of 2018, a group of concerned landowners along the iconic upper Blue River banded together to call attention to the impacts of a proposed industry project near the banks of the river that would forever alter the natural balance of this free flowing, spring-fed, and undammed jewel in southern Oklahoma.


Explore resources for landowners and trout fishers, plus the latest research and bills concerning the Blue River and its surrounding areas.

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